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DP2 “Zwerver II” sets new records, chartered to assist Indian Pipelay project!17.02.2017

Our Multi Purpose DP-2 Support Vessel “Zwerver II” is chartered in India with J. Ray Mc Dermott S.A. on a large Offshore Pipelay installation project. The vessel was mobilised during November 2016.

Versatility was requested!

The scope of work is Anchor handling, Survey, Touchdown monitoring, ROV Trenching of pipelines, Towing and handling of pipe cargo barges, Beachpull cable installation. Many DP-2 operations in Shallow waters as well as Deep waters.

Her capacities were at the right place and she has set new records!!, the vessel handled 15 T Delta Flipper anchors in waterdepths from 5 – 275 mtr!! (more…)

“Zwerver I” shows her value on long term dredging scope Kuwait!14.01.2017

Our “Zwerver I” recently finished a long term contract with Van Oord Dredging & Marine Contractors BV in Kuwait.

The vessel was involved in the large land reclamation project for KNPC, which started in August 2014 and is still ongoing. (more…)

“Zwerver II” finishes Burbo Bank Extension scopes!03.12.2016

Our Multi Purpose DP-2 Support Vessel “Zwerver II” chartered by Jan De Nul NV, finished her scopes on the Burbo Bank Extension Offshore Windfarm project.

During the last months, the vessel carried out post trenching operations and mattress installation on the export and array cables in the windfarm area with waterdepths varying between 5 and 23 mtr. (more…)

New “Zwerver II” busy at Burbo Bank 2 Offshore Windfarm!01.08.2016

Our Multi Purpose DP-2 Support Vessel “Zwerver II” is chartered by Jan De Nul NV on the Burbo Bank 2 Offshore Windfarm installation project.

Our scope of work is installing mattresses as well Pre-lay as Post-lay. We succesfully installed over 100 mattresses in about 3 weeks.

The vessel also assisted during the beach-pull of the export cable. All operations carried out in DP-2.

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