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First mate / engineer ≤ 3000 GT/3000 KW or Engineer ≤ 3000 KW


We are looking for a first mate/DPO with a certificate ≤ 3000 GT and/or Maritime Officer on all vessels less than a 3000GT and power less than 3000kW (VII/2 minimum for CoC).

The jobs vary and can be either of the following:

Cable laying
Anchor handling
Towing or pushing
Survey operations
Supply operations
Offshore activities
General Dredging assistance
Diving support
Job description mate:

You are responsible for operations on the bridge (daily maintenance and all other points of maintenance);
You maneuver the boat and assist the captain when required;
You are responsible for all safety items/issues on the ship;
You can manage the required administration of the bridge and communicates it to the office.

You meet the following qualifications and experience:

Certificate of Competency Chief mater or maritime officer until 3000 Gt and/or less than 3000kW;
Radar Navigator;
Basic Safety Training and Advanced Fire Fighting;
Valid medical examinations for sea going vessels (according to Dutch Shipping Inspection);
DP certificate is a pre;
Experience with DP-operations/vessels is a pre;
Experience with tugboats / multicats and or similar is preferred;
Experience in tow, push or anchor handling activities is a pre.

We offer:

Modern ships with the latest technology;
Mainly Dutch colleagues;
Working schedule based on a 1 on 1 system*;
Good primary and secondary working conditions.
* Countries within Europe this is 4 weeks on 4 weeks off, outside of Europe this will be 6 weeks on 6 weeks off due to travel time and costs.

Feel free to contact me whenever you are interested in joining our company.

+31 (0) 653663292

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