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Specialists in supporting
the Offshore Industry

  • Dredging support
  • Anchor handling
  • Towage & pushing
  • 4-Point mooring
  • ROV support (DP)
  • Vibrocore / CPT operations (DP)
  • Cable lay / burial (DP)
  • Survey operations
  • Hose handling
  • Supply
  • Diving Support (DP - 4-pt mooring)
  • UXO investigations (DP – 4-pt mooring)
  • Trenching operations (DP) including backfilling
  • Salvage operations
About HVSOur vessels
Zwerver I

28 t Bollard Pull
2 x AKC 370-HE2 (20,1 t @ 13,1 m)
100 t AH-winch
40 t Towing winch

Zwerver II – DP2 – Walk-to-Work

60 t Bollard Pull
Walk – to – Work

1 x AKC 370/20-HE3 (10 t @ 20.0 m), 13 T winch
1 x Lagendijk LKB 510 T3-T1 (10 t @ 23.0 m), 20/40 T CT winch, 2.5 T AHC winch

Passive heave compensated gangway system Uptime 
200 t AH-winch
100 t Towing winch
17-21 persons accommodation

Zwerver III – DP1

56,8 t Bollard Pull
2 x AKC 370/20-HE3 (10 t @ 20,0 m)
200 t AH-winch
100 t Towing winch
13 persons accommodation

About HVS

For all your dredging &
offshore support

We started our services in the 70’s. Throughout the years we have established a modern fleet in which we have built our over more than 40 years of experience. Our fleet consists of multi-purpose shallow draught, triple propelled workboats which are classified by “Bureau Veritas” and well equipped with the most modern deck- and navigational equipment. One of our main priorities is the continuous improvement of all the vessels. Most of the vessels are equipped with DP (Dynamic Positioning).

With our highly qualified, flexible and experienced crew we meet the needs and requirements of all our clients. Working on a personal basis and with a professional and pro-active attitude we serve our clients in order to gain the best results for all parties in every project. Several projects in a large number of countries world wide have been successfully accomplished.

About HVS
DP-1 “Zwerver III” – PLGR – OOS cable recovery at Norther OWF!30.03.2018

Our Multi Purpose DP-1 support vessel “Zwerver III” started after a short maintenance period of 14 days, a new project at Norther OWF in Belgium.

The vessel was mobilized with a multifunctional spread which included large De-trenching grapnel equipment, large spooler winch for Out of Service Cable recovery and a hydraulic grab system. (more…)

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DP-2 “Zwerver II” finishes large offshore project in India!05.03.2018

After a term of 14 months, our DP-2 “Zwerver II” has finished it’s trenching operations in Indian waters.

The vessel has shown her capacity in India.

The scope of work was Anchor handling, Survey, Touchdown monitoring, ROV Trenching of pipelines, Towing and handling of pipe cargo barges, Beachpull cable installation and so on.

Many DP-2 operations have been carried out in Shallow waters as well as Deep waters.

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